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Celebrating 24 Years with EPH

Sheri Graziano and her son Xavier.

It’s my Anniversary!!!!

24 years ago, I started at the Elizabeth Peabody House as a toddler teacher, with my 11 month old. I was 22 years old. What a gift to a young family, for Mom to be able to bring her little to work, and I would benefit from that again 1.9 years later, when Xavier was born.

Almost half of my life has been spent working for this amazing organization. I am so grateful for the support to work full time, be a mom and to finish both my Associates and my Bachelor degrees. I have been able to learn and grow so much professionally.

But I feel so blessed so fortunate to be able to say that I have been a part of the lives of so many children and families. That I tried to be “irrationally positive” about every family and every child I got to support. Not only have I met life long friends and tremendous mentors, but I have met many of my “Chosen” family here.

Has it always been rainbows and sunshine 🌈🌞, no, but it has been a safe, loving place for me to grow. It will always be a piece of me.

Thank you EPH,

Sheri Graziano
Chief of Staff