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Giving Thanks

Thank you for helping us feed our community!

The holiday season is a time of thanksgiving and reflection for many – appreciating all that they have and sharing a meal with loved ones. But, it is also a time when hunger is most acutely felt by struggling families and isolated folks.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of friends and donors, who collectively raised almost $4,000, we distributed 330 turkey dinners last week. This tradition and goodwill showcases the spirit of our community. So, thank you to all who donated. Your contribution helps feed and support people like Rosalynn.

Rosalynn, a Somerville senior in subsidized housing, came to EPH for food help in 2018. In 2020, she took a severe fall, leaving her homebound and isolated. So, we started to deliver groceries every week. This weekly drop-off ensures Rosalynn has food to get her through and offers a connection to a community that cares. EPH staff and volunteers look forward to seeing her every week and enjoy being greeted by her dog!

More than 160 families and neighbors visit the Elizabeth Peabody House weekly for food support. You can help keep hunger away from their door by making a gift. Your gift not only puts food on the table but ensures that children, families, and homebound neighbors have access to a community that cares. Your contribution strengthens communities and helps families thrive. Thank you once more for your support today and all year long.

Donate here.